So what is a Christian?

Different people have different answers to this question:

This is a Christian country. We’re all Christians aren’t we?

No. Being a Christian is nothing to do with where we live or how we were brought up.

I always try to do good to others, to “love my neighbour.”

That’s good. But being a Christian doesn’t mean the same as being a good person.

I believe in God.

Many religions do. Many people know about God but don’t know Him as their Friend.

I go to church – not every week but now and then.

That’s good. But going to church doesn’t make you a Christian.

A Christian is somebody who has recognised that Jesus Christ really is the Son of God, God born as a man to be our Saviour.

A Christian is somebody who believes that Jesus died on the cross to bring us back to God, so that we could be changed from God’s enemies into God’s friends.

A Christian is somebody who knows that Jesus Christ is alive today.

A Christian is somebody who has accepted God’s free gift of eternal life.

A Christian is somebody who knows God personally as Father.

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