Secondary school applications religious criterion policy

Dear Parents,

We know that it is an exciting and nervous time getting ready for secondary school.

At Upminster Baptist Church (UBC) we would like to support your child to meet the religious criterion of the school.

UBC would be honoured to be your family's place of worship. We believe that the hope of Jesus is impacting for young people as their prepare for the change of school (and for all of life.)

In order to write a letter, we need to ensure that your child has met our criteria.

Your child will need to attend at least ten church services for each of the two years prior to the letter being written. This is in-person attendance, online does not count.

We hope that you will become regular members of our community, enjoying the support and hope which comes from being part of a church.

The process

  • Register your child using the Secondary School Applications Religious criterion policy form.
  • A record card will be posted to you.
  • At the end of each service which you attend, find a minister to stamp and date the record card.
  • Requests for the letter must be submitted by the 1st October in the year you apply to the school.

If your child is part of 1st Corbets Tey Scouts. The scout leaders will record your child’s attendance at church parade services- you will not need to use the record card.

The church will be running a number of events throughout the year to support parents. By signing up, you will be informed about these supportive and impacting gatherings. We hope to see you at them.

It is the responsibility of each parent to ensure that their child has met the requirements of the admissions policy for the school they are applying to.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as part of our community.